The Parents’ Association and the Management Committee

Parents of pupils, as soon as they pay the registration fees of their child, are members of the association of the college.

The statutes of the EPA are deposited with the Israeli Board of Associations.

The general assembly of the association (the decision-making body) meets at least twice a year, and elects a Management Committee, which performs the current tasks of managing the college.

The Management Committee’s mission is:

  • to represent Marc Chagall College on the material, budgetary and financial aspects, in the interests of children enrolled, in collaboration with the director,
  • to ensure the implementation of the decisions adopted by the General Assembly,
  • to verify the execution of the budget,
  • to enforce the statutes,
  • to discuss and approve the rules of procedure prepared by the direction,
  • to determine the number of pupils that can be received by the school according to the capacity of the premisses.

It is also the employer of local recruitment staff.

The Management Committee is made up of 5 to 7 parents, elected by their peers, with a deliberative vote ; and 3 members ex officio, with an advisory vote (the director of the Marc Chagall College, the Cooperation and Cultural Action Advisor The Embassy of France and the Consul General of France).

The Management Committee reports on its management and the use of the funds to the members of the Association meeting in General Assembly.

The Management Committee meets once a month on an official basis. Between monthly meetings, he works in commissions.

Monthly reports are available online.

The Management Committee is currently composed of 5 commissions:

  • patronage and finance,
  • human resources,
  • governance and legal issues,
  • security,
  • real estate.

Each committee is composed of two members of the Management Committee, who can recruit external people and volunteers to join the commission, or work on a specific project.

If you wish to join the Management Committee or any other committee, please contact the Secretary General of the Management Committee:

David BENSADOUN, Chairman
Laure COSTANTINI, General Secretary
Karen CYTRON-SCHWOK, Treasurer
Email : – Fédération des Associations de Parents d’élèves des Etablissements d’Enseignement français dans le monde