Legal Status

Dear Parents,

Welcome on the website of the French College Marc Chagall, an institution accredited by the French Education Agency (AEFE, a Department of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the French Ministry of Education. Since its foundation in 1966, the French College Marc Chagall welcomes and trains French, binational, Israeli and foreign students with a dual objective:

  • to offer them the best possible education environment, in line with french programs, and rich in linguistic learning (French, Hebrew, English) from the nursery sections,
  • help them become future citizens, who will be responsible and open to the world, its richness and diversity.

True to the motto of the AEFE, “Excellence – Sharing – Influence”, the French College Marc Chagall proposes curricula where the development and well-being of children are as important as academic excellence. Teams are therefore trained, recruited and sensitive to ensure the closest follow-up of each student, in dialogue with the families. Backed by the power of the AEFE network (the first school network in the world, present in 135 countries, with almost 500 schools hosting more than 330,000 pupils), the French Collège Marc Chagall is an educational structure offering the greatest opportunity for a schooling continuity both in France and in the world. A place for linguistic encounters and cultural exchanges, but also for shared experiences based on the strong values of the French Republic, the French College Marc Chagall contributes as much to the influence of the French language and culture as to dialogue and friendship between peoples.

Legal Status

The French College Marc Chagall is a private institution under the Israeli association regulations. Its management is entrusted to the Association of Parents (APE). The general assembly of the association, the decision-making body, meets at least twice each year, and elects a Management Committee from among its members, who performs the current tasks of managing the college.

An administrative, financial and educational agreement has been signed between the APE and the French Agency for Teaching Abroad (AEFE). As such, the college is placed under the supervision of the Agency for the validation and accreditation of the courses provided as well as for the school certifications that can be issued. This control is exercised by the principal of the college who also performs the functions of the administrative and pedagogical direction.

The French College Marc Chagall is placed under the protection of the French Embassy in Israel, and under the administrative authority of the Cultural Advisor of the French Embassy in Israel, Director of French educational services by delegation of the ambassador.

The Consulate General of France is responsible for social measures which may be decided on behalf of children of French nationality.

The Marc Chagall College in Tel Aviv provides schooling for the nursery, primary and sixth grades. An extension of homologation towards the other levels of the college and the high school is under study.

The French college Marc Chagall follows the French curricula in their entirety. It offers a linguistic complement in the national language (Hebrew) and in English, in accordance with AEFE’s educational policy and ethics.