The French college Marc Chagall is an institution that follows French education programs in its entirety. The inclusive pedagogy that is implemented by the teams is part of a school project, developed in a constant dialogue that brings together the entire school community, and voted in a board of directors.

One of the strengths of Chagall’s educational project revolves around the issue of mastering the three languages taught:

  • French as the main Schooling Language and International Language
  • Hebrew as the national language
  • English as the second international language

School Project

The School Project is the roadmap for the educational policy of an educational structure. It outlines the main priorities that need to be developed; it declines their implementation; it defines the methods of evaluation.

Designed in a collegial way and in consultation with representatives of the entire school community, our school project is designed in accordance with the main orientations of education policies in France and in the AEFE network. It aims to provide the best possible education for the pupils. To make every child a fulfilled and confident person in his talents and knowledge is our common ambition.

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Axis 1.1. Identify and systematically address any cause of academic failure : to ensure that all pupils, no matter what problems or difficulties they encounter, are able to achieve their full potential.
Axis 1.2. Implement an individual evaluation that is meaningful and remedial : intervene as early as possible in identifying the educational needs of students and build on this diagnosis a policy of evaluation that is relevant and truly positive.
Axis 1.3. Improving the well-being of pupils : in keeping with the cognitive rhythms, it is necessary to ensure that the whole spectrum of development of the child, be it in terms of health and food, but also from the motor, physical and sports point of view.
Axis 1.4. Consequence of the first 3 axes of work : to reinforce the retention rate of a cohort of pupils, from the pre-elementary to the end of the 6th

Axis 2.1. To affirm French as a common language & main language of schooling: to promote the mastery of the fundamental language in progress and out-of-school, while developing cooperation with the FLE courses of the French institute and the certifications that result from it (DELF) .
Axis 2.2. Strengthen the learning of the national language: to put the Hebrew courses at the highest level by distributing the pupils in appropriate groups of skills to ensure that everyone has a proven oral fluency ; and to insure native speakers a competence equal to that of their fellow Israeli in the national educational system.
Axis 2.3. To develop openness to other languages: to make English the third official language of the college and to promote, through cooperation with foreign institutions, the opening to other languages ​​(German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic …).
Axis 2.4. Opening parents’ training: creating a French language learning center for non-Francophone parents who wish to follow and accompany their child in their learning and progress.

Axis 3.1. Establishment culture among staff : foster and intensify the identification of all teachers with French standards of excellence, whatever their origin and whatever their professional background.
Axis 3.2. Establishment culture of pupils : create a culture of mutual support and cohesion among the students of the college while respecting the traditions of each one.
Axis 3.3. Establishment culture for parents : making the college a place where families can find useful educational resources, but can also express their talents in the service of students and the educational community.
Priority 3.4. Outreach, information and communication: to open up and make the college shine through communication and an increasingly dense collaboration with the local cultural, artistic and educational fabric.

Axis 4.1. Scientific and environmental openness: to make pupils responsible for children, open to sustainable development issues by a knowledge adapted to the challenges ahead.
Axis 4.2. Cultural and artistic opening: develop all possible partnerships with local artists and cultural actors.
Axis 4.3. Opening on France and Israel today and on the world: making students enlightened citizens of the world, starting with the local level.


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