FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Chagall College is a private, parent-run school under the laws of Israel. It is French in its programs and in its conception of the education for children, who are encouraged to develop their intellectual and relational capacities. It is international in that it welcomes children of more than 30 nationalities and languages ​​who find in French their common language of communication.

The school curricula are strictly those set by the French Ministry of Education. In these national programs, courses of local languages ​​and culture are given in Hebrew, but also in English.

In accordance with the AEFE guidelines, languages ​​are a central axis of work at the College: from nursery sections, pupils are bathed in an atmosphere rich in French, Hebrew and English (songs, activities, workshops, sports, etc.). Language courses officially begin in the Preparatory Course and are organized in groups of competence. The level reached at the end of Cycle 3 is, according to the individual paths, of high quality.

The teachers of the College are professionals, either recruited locally, or on secondment from the French Ministry of Education.

Teachers seconded from the Ministry of National Education are professionals holding the French civil service, winners of the teaching competitions. They all had their first career in France. Some have been trainers of trainers.

Teachers recruited locally are either former French teachers who left France and made their alyah ; Or professionals recruited on the basis of their qualifications, diplomas and experience.

All teachers are subject to annual evaluation procedures entrusted to the head of the school and / or the national education inspector representing the AEFE, based in Rome. These assessments condition their careers and are also moments of analysis of the continuous training they may need.

Teachers of the College are required to pursue a policy of continuing training organized at the South-East European Zone level by the AEFE, or at the national level by the network of French institutions in Israel (in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Education for Hebrew training), or at the local level, at the request of the principal (in consultation with the universities and vocational training structures of the great Tel Aviv).

The French Collège Chagall is a secular institution, so it does not place any festivities as such in its calendar.

However, respect for all cultures is affirmed and an openness on the festivals of all traditions is implemented, so that the children may discover each other and understand each other.

The holiday schedule is set by the head of the school and voted on by the board. For practical reasons, it takes up the highlights of the year in Israel, and seeks to respect the public holidays expected in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures.

All students of Chagall College are supposed to continue, if their family wishes it, in the French system, whether in Israel, France or in the AEFE school network.

Experience shows that moving to an AEFE institution is far from being a difficulty in a pupil’s school career : on the contrary, the level of the AEFE network is renowned for its quality and a pupil who is returning to France is most often a very successful student, enriched by his experience abroad.

If the schooling in Chagall College is oriented towards a maintenance in the French system, a continuation of studies in the Israeli system is always conceivable for the pupils whose families wish to intensify their Aliyah.

If this is considered by the family, it is useful to meet with teachers and management to prepare for the transition to a new school system.

The French Collège Chagall is based on the local schools for its philosophy within the framework of the French School: a place where the rigor of learning and the respect of the rules of common life is a means of children’s full development as much as a tool towards autonomy.

Attached to the founding principles of the French Republic, advocating the universal values ​​of Human Rights, Chagall College is a place where cultural differences are experienced as mutual wealth, and where each child is considered as a person in its own right. This means being taught to be responsible, open to others, and capable of empathy.

Schooling after the sections opened at the College is possible within the French section of the Lycée Mikve Israel, partner institution of the AEFE network.

A project of extension of the homologations towards all the levels of the college and the high school is under study for the Chagall College which is destined to become the great high school French reference in Israel.

Non-francophone children may be enrolled in kindergarten sections (non-compulsory schooling) with no other condition than that of places available in order of priority.

The other levels are accessible after a preliminary interview with the management and the teaching teams. An evaluation of the general linguistic abilities of the child will be implemented to define the best way to help him to acquire as soon as possible a fluency level in French compatible with the courses.

The help of the course service of the French Institute of Tel Aviv is automatically requested for upgrading courses in French (paying) ; the pedagogical follow-up in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) is ensured by teachers of the College.